Juanita Du Plessis

Wees Lig

Wees Lig Juanita Du Plessis R 99.00

Gospel: CD Release Date: 18 April 2011
Catalogue Nr. # JRECD 007

Juanita du Plessis is undoubtfully the queen of the Afrikaans music industry, not only because she has sold over 1,8 million albums in less than 12 years, but also because she loves and gives unconditionally. Her fans adore her and that comes to show with a Facebook page in the excess of 135 000 fans.

With her previous Gospel album “Vlieg hoog”, she broke all barriers there were regarding Gospel music in South Africa. “Vlieg Hoog” has sold more than 180 000 copies in 3 years and is still a Top 10 seller in the Gospel market. It is Juanita’s mission to top “Vlieg hoog” and “Altyd daar” in the sense of touching every single person with the music, and giving more. “Wees lig” will consist of 90% original songs and will ensure musical pleasure, heart warming memories, spiritual renewal and most of all let the light within everyone come forth to shine.

This promises to be the release of 2011

Media : CD

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Disc 1: Track 1 - Wees lig
Track 2 - U is God
Track 3 - Spreek lewe
Track 4 - Kom na my toe
Track 5 - Die fiets
Track 6 - Hoe kan ek stilbly
Track 7 - Carry me home
Track 8 - Jy is en bly my kind
Track 9 - One day at a time
Track 10 - Maak oop jou hart
Track 11 - Jesus hou my vas
Track 12 - Hoe groot is ons God
Track 13 - See van Galilea
Track 14 - Draai terug
Track 15 - U alleen
Track 16 - Maak my vol o Heer

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