Train Of Love

Train Of Love Donald R 109.95

South African: CD Release Date: 1 April 2012
Catalogue Nr. # CDRBL 636

Donald Moatshe is the South African singer with the biggest single in the country right now! I Deserve (The love I know I Deserve) has escalated the young lad to stardom and has become a national-anthem .

Media : CD

A deranged sociopath, whose personality is a clump of various disorders pulled together like trash in garbage. Fucks his mental health only for pure joy of doing so. (And because he`s to cowardly to openly do it to anyone else). Obsessed with drinking (yerba mate, alcohol) and, what he calls, "doing a thing" (Drinking, singing, smoking, roving or simply sitting and doing nothing, often does for doing a thing). Agressive. Neurotic. Mysoginist. Pole-Catholic. Perpetum mobile of an ill-fateness. Would give a blowjob to himself if he could. Read more about Donald on

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Disc 1: Track 1 - Denial 4:57
Track 2 - I Deserve 5:13
Track 3 - Your Joy 5:5
Track 4 - Mirage 4:13
Track 5 - The One 4:48
Track 6 - I Swear 5:5
Track 7 - Over The Moon 5:31
Track 8 - Dance With Me 4:57
Track 9 - Everlasting Love 5:49
Track 10 - Carry Me (Falling) 5:2
Track 11 - Dance With Me Remix 5:51
Track 12 - Why? 5:44


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