DJ Fresh

Fresh House Flava - Vol.7

Fresh House Flava - Vol.7 DJ Fresh R 79.95

Dance: CD Release Date: 1 August 2013
Catalogue Nr. # CDHAF 1121

The wait is over: the finest selection of house music is ready to be served by the master of all things sonic, the Big Dawg himself DJ Fresh! Fresh House Flava 7 has arrived. What is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated returns in the history of South African house is finally here and guarantees to live up to everything its predecessors were and more. The seventh installment in the timeless series reverts to the basics and offers tantalizing beats suitable for the soul.

With the utmost care, Fresh has put together fourteen infectious compositions, including remixes of classics like Inner Life's "Ain't No Mountain" and Gusto's "Disco's Revenge", as well as cuts from Joey Negro and Nastee Nev, and woven them into a seamless aural flow. The union with House Afrika and Sony Music further ensures that this long-player will once follow its counterparts to a "classic" tag.

Fresh House Flava 7 also sees the mighty Fresh flexing his own production muscle. The Big Dawg offers three exclusive productions that feature appearances by the lady who first blessed us with her vocals on Fresh s memorable hit Stay Real , Thabiso Sikwane. Former Idols contestant and renowned opera singer Lynelle K also graces House Flava 7 while the immensely talented Nhlanhla Siba Sibanyoni lays his blessed vocals on a praise-worthy single by Fresh titled Amazing .

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, unfasten your seatbelts, forget the position of your seat and jump up on your tray-tables because Fresh House Flava 7 is set to soar.

Media : CD

There are at least two artists using the name "DJ Fresh". 1. Pseudonym for a solo project of Sasha Pavlovich of the Macedonian rock band SunS. 2 The drum & bass DJ Fresh (Dan Stein) is co-owner of Breakbeat Kaos and a prolific UK drum and bass producer. The Louder Songfacts reports that he teamed up with Kosheen vocalist Sian Evans for Louder, which was used as part of a Lucozade Lite advertising campaign in the UK and Ireland. Read more about DJ Fresh on

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Disc 1: Track 1 - Thinking About You 6:47
Track 2 - Life Of Congo 4:31
Track 3 - Come With Me 3:54
Track 4 - Sunshine 5:43
Track 5 - Smile 4:57
Track 6 - My Way 4:56
Track 7 - Sweet Melody 6:14
Track 8 - Finder 4:58
Track 9 - My Brighter Side 6:15
Track 10 - Tribes Of Juda 4:57
Track 11 - Power Of The Drum 5:51
Track 12 - Disco's Revenge 5:43
Track 13 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough 6:34
Track 14 - Amazing 4:58

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