Manie Jackson

Liefde en Genade

Liefde en Genade Manie Jackson R 79.95

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Afrikaans: CD Release Date: 1 October 2011
Catalogue Nr. # SELBCD 950

Manie was the find of the past year and his demo cd has sold in excess of 50 000 units and will most probably turn at a 100 000 units soon. Manie is the new Bles Bridges and his warm smooth voice has become a firm favorite with the older market yet teaching the new kids on the block some new tricks. The title Liefde en Genade sums up Manie and his music. The albums crosses over to young and old and he sings about the family, love, pain and hope. Look out this is very big and will be in the charts for a very long time.

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