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ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers Playstation Vita R 199.95

Driving: PS Vita Release Date: 1 February 2012
Catalogue Nr. # 10220255

Rev up your imagination and create the craziest kart racing championships ever with the unique features of PlayStation®Vita. Use cutting edge touchscreen technology to build racetracks, create Mods and design karts however you want in fast and fun ways. By downloading even more designs generated by rival racers via the in-game Share Station, you’ll never drive the same track twice.

The show-stopper in portable racing, featuring loads of high-tech PS Vita functions. Pose for your victory shot with the front or rear camera. Use ‘near’ to send and receive new in-game items. Draw tracks and alter the terrain with the touchscreen and rear touch pad.

Drag and drop items to easily create Mods and karts.

Fun-filled racing at your fingertips.

Download tracks, karts and racers created by the community on PlayStation®3.

Go wheel-to-wheel in multiplayer racing.

Media : PSV
Age : 7

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